What we’re all
CAFEMINT began with the idea that being IN THE ZONE and delivering PEAK PERFORMANCE should always be within reach. But we often found ourselves needing a boost of energy to kickstart our mornings and to power-through the afternoon slump in our jam-packed days. We didn’t have the time to grab and sip a coffee. And we didn’t want to drown in liquid and take constant bathroom breaks. Most of all, we wanted a clean product without all the sugar and chemicals loaded in energy drinks. We dedicated the past four years to creating Cafemint, a ground-breaking solution that we believe will elevate your performance without all the side effects of energy drinks.

Cafemint is a unique sugar-free caffeinated mint that provides instant energy. The great tasting minty flavor also freshens your breath. Its small pack gives you the convenience of fitting right into your pocket, so you can get your energy boost anytime, anywhere!